• Turanga Munda: But I thought you were terrified about the space.

Turanga Morris: I was. But then it hit me: If Heaven's above us, then the whole universe is just God's glorious sewer.

Leela: Hey guys. Welcome to my parents' 40th anniversary.

Bender: I'm bored. Lets drink.

Leela: The truth is I once slept with him. A few times.

Turanga Munda: I know. He showed me the commemorative painting.

Zapp Brannigan: Kif, I'm bored. What's say you go out on the wing and pretend you're a gremlin?

Turanga Munda: Why can't you just let me be happy? After all these years, I'm going places I've never been. And having sex there!

Leela: I will shove you in a filthy nursing home so fast, you won't know what hit you! Probably a filthy nurse!

Turanga Morris: Who is it? Mouth Mutant? I gotta punch him in his mouth. And then in all his smaller mouths.

Leela: No no. It's time to get on with your life

Morris: But she was my life

Bender: Awww.

Leela, Morris and Fry: [Silent and looking at him]

Bender: What?

Fry: Hey, what about your life long dream. Didn't you always wanna surf the world greatest sewers?

Leela: Yeah. And Fry and Bender can go with you. You can teach them how to surf, and they can make sure you don't [makes drinking sound] and [makes gun sound likes she shoots herself].

Turanga Morris: I don't know. Would you come to, sweety?

Leela: I can't. I have to keep an eye on mom to make sure she and Zapp don't [ambulance sound], [train sound] and Yee-haa!

Leela: Dad!  Why are you here?

Turanga Morris: I finally got the better of my inner peace.  Now I know you have to fight for what's yours! (Punches Zapp in the stomach)

Zapp: Ooof!  Do I know you?

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