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"World of World War II 3" (II is 2 in Roman, if you don't know) is a video game for the X-Cube In it you can play as Americans on a D-Day type invasion, working your way up to a German bunker to play against up to 3 players. The game is cooperative player versus player, with all known users being:

  • Fry (game ID is Frykowski)

* Bender (game ID is Benderisgreat34) * Cubert * Walt * Larry

  • Igner
  • A group of Korean girls

and all weapons being:

  • Rifles

* Assault rifles * German sub machine guns * Slingshots * German V2 missiles * German V8 missiles * Machetes

other weapons that have been seen and might be usable are:

  • Fighter planes

* Mounted machine guns * Tanks * Bunker cannons

Endgame Edit

As an ally, if you win, the screen shows an American flag and says "Allied Victory!". If you lose, it shows an American eagle on a blood red backdrop, saying "Game Uber. In both situations, patriotic music plays.

Appearance Edit

Multiple people play this game on the X-Cube in the episode "Overclockwise"

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