Where No Fan Has Gone Before
Episode 65
Production Code 4ACV11
Season 4
Air date April 21, 2002
Directed By Patty Shinagawa
Written By David A. Goodman
Guests Jonathan Frakes as himself
Walter Koenig as himself
Nichelle Nichols as herself
Leonard Nimoy as himself
William Shatner as himself
George Takei as himself
Opening subtitle Where No Fan Has Gone Before
Preceded by "The Why of Fry"
Followed by "The Sting"
"Truly, it was a paradise."
Leonard Nimoy
"And all you had to put up with was one really annoying Star Trek fan."
"Let's get out of here."
William Shatner

Where No Fan Has Gone Before is the eleventh episode of the fourth season of Futurama. It was broadcast as the twelfth episode in the fourth broadcast season.

Plot Edit

The episode starts with Zapp Brannigan holding a court trial in the Planet Express Ship, which has new engines on its sides. Kirk is heard preparing his stardate log, only to reveal he and the rest of the cast of Star Trek are in the ship as head in jars. Zapp arrested Fry, Leela, Bender and the actors from Star Trek for going to the forbidden planet, Omega 3. Fry appears on trial first, looking paralyzed in a wheelchair. Zapp tells the possible charges (twelve concurrent death sentences), and Fry responds using beeps, saying he does understand. However, when he is asked if he pleads guilty, he does two beeps (meaning no), but Zapp assumes he said a "double yes" (one beep meant yes). Zapp is about to get his gun, but he gives Fry a chance to explain the situation. He does, in beeps in morse code, telling the story.

A few days ago, the Professor said he's taking a brief nap so the crew went to the video renting store to only get six movies. Fry suggest to get the first six Star Trek movies, but when Fry say the words "Star Trek", an alarm is triggered, and everybody in the store (except Fry) got down on the ground. Leela whispers to Fry saying that the words "Star Trek" are forbidden. When they heard a patrol car coming, the crew stuff Fry into Bender and walked out of the door.

Zapp stopped Fry's story so he can learn more of these forbidden words. He let George Takei to explan why. He explains in a video the show was banned after the Star Trek became an entire religion in the 23rd century, and it was banned because the world leaders were threatened by its influence, and they killed all the Star Trek fans by dumping them into a volcano, and the last copies of the 79 episodes and 6 movies were rocketed to Omega 3. Zapp then described the situation to be a "brutal and shocking injustice he cared so little about." Next, he calls Bender to the stand. Fry, as it turns out, was faking looking like he was paralyzed and easily let Bender up to the stand while he beeps the next part of the story.

Fry runs to Head Museum to meet Leonard Nimoy's head after what he heard about Star Trek. Nimoy denies even knowing what he is talking about as a security camera was nearby. Fry tries to get him to undeny it, and he finally slips up, but starts to cry and tell Fry about what happened to cast members. He said they left Earth because the Earth doesn't need them anymore. Nimoy wanted to stay because he signed a six month lease for his apartment, so all the celebirty heads were sent on a rocket and left. Fry got mad and then took Nimoy' head so they can get the tapes back so he could show the world how much good they meant for him. Leela and Bender decide to aid Fry, and they go to Omega 3.

Whan got near the planet, Leela loses control of the ship and they crash land on the planet. When they got out of the ship they discover props from the show. Overcome with nostalgia and sadness, Nimoy wishes the cast members were there. Suddenly, the cast from Star Trek come out with bodies, plus a new actor name Welshy (actor who replaced James Doohan) out of the "Guardian of Forever" prop. They said they were on their way to Welshy's cousin's house until their ship was pulled down into the planet and crash landed, and when they woke up, they had bodies. They explained that they loved the planet, as everything was provided for them, and they never age. When Leela asked who's doing this for them, they explain they never really thought about it (they're used to this treatment them being famous celebrities). Then a big, green energy being name Melllvar came out and said he was the one doing everything for them. Bender thought he was a cheesy effect and doubted his powers. He then showed his powers by zapping lightning and killing Welshy.

Next, Leela is brought up to the stand to tell the rest of the story, and she begins telling the conclusion of the story.

Melllvar then showed his powers again by giving Nimoy a body. He explained that centuries ago the rocket that was filled with the tapes crashed on his planet and he watched them over and over and said he has an encyclopedic knowledge of Star Trek. Fry stepps up and said he knows more then Melllvar. This makes him mad and he blasts Welshy's dead body again. Melllvar stated that he's been waiting for Nimoy so he can start his Star Trek Convention. But when Nimoy asks how long it will last, Melllvar shocks everyone saying "until time stops." One part of the convention they had a trivia contest between Fry and Melllvar. Once Fry got more points than Melllvar, and he got mad stopped the trivia contest. Next, the cast has to perform his fan script. Melllvar doesn't want to ruin the ending so had made Fry, Leela and Bender to go wait in the ship. This was perfect chance for the crew to escape, and they easily did, but reluctantly. They refused to just leave them there, so they made a plan involving blasting engine power to Melllvar, causing his form to explode. While the cast rehearses, the plan backfires as Melllvar absorbed the energy and dragged the ship back to the planet and broke their engine. Melllvar then became confused on who he should worship, the actors of Star Trek, or the Planet Express crew from their brave efforts to save them. He then made the crew and the cast fight to the death. In one part of the fight Leela and Shatner were fighting on a cliff, but then they made out on the cliff. The fight was getting pretty brutal until, in a parody of the plot of the Star Trek episode The Squire of Gothos, Melllvar's mother came out and said it time for dinner. Fry couldn't believe he was just a child, but his mom corrects him saying he's 34. This was a perfect time for the crew and cast to escape. Their ships were both flawed, with the Planet Express ship's engines out, and the cast's ship's life support out, so they fuse the engines onto the Planet Express ship.

When they tried to escape, the new engines weren't strong enough, and the ship was too heavy to launch, and the actor's ditched their bodies and put their heads in jars but kept the tapes (instead of the much more obvious and intelligent idea of losing the tapes instead of their bodies). While in space, Melllvar got into his spaceship and started shooting at their ship. All had lost hope, until they come by the Nimbus. Leela thought they were saved, until Zapp arrested them for entering the forbidden zone.

And that was the end of the story. Zapp then asked what happens next and Leela said "you started this stupid court marshal" and that they were still being attacked by Melllvar. Right when Melllvar was about to finish them, they are about to take him down using the auto-self-destruct sequence, but Fry questions him why he wants to kill them despite how much he likes them. Melllvar says it's because he doesn't know what to do without them. Fry then gives him advice telling him an entire TV show can't be his entire life. Melllvar thinks about it, and he takes his advice, starting by moving out of his parents' basement and maybe getting a temp job. He thanks Fry, and he returns back to his planet (but he manages to finally outsmart Fry in Star Trek trivia for the first time before he flees, laughing in a geek-like tone). The cast then wonders if Melllvar was truly evil, considering he gave them eternal life and pleasure, concluding he was a blessing. But they catch on when Fry tells all they had to put up with was one really annoying fan, and Shatner says "let's get the hell out of here," and they return home.

Ongoing ThemesEdit

Injury and DeathEdit

  • Fry is roughly crammed into Bender's torso.
  • Nichols' head recounts a historical event in which uncounted nerds are thrown to their deaths in volcanoes.
  • Melllvar electrocutes Welshy, and later electrocutes Welshy's dead body a couple of times.
  • Shatner throws his shoe, which hits Takei in the face.
  • Fry is brought to his knees by a handful of innocuous caterpillars.
  • Takei karate-chops Bender on the shoulder. Basically, everyone beats the crap out of everyone else for a minute.
  • In order to eliminate excess mass for takeoff, the bodies of all the Star Trek crew are thrown out.
  • Bender's head explodes when Takei's head gives an example of a self-destruct code.

Fry and LeelaEdit

Leela has sex with (or at least makes out with) Shatner.

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