Planet Earth
First appearance A Head in the Polls

Washington, D.C. is the historical seat of the government of the United States, and seems to serve as the same function for Earth's Government. While the original city was named after the first American president George Washington, in 2475 the city was rededicated to Washington the Sweathog.

Notable Landmarks Edit

Memorials Edit

  • The Washington Memorial: A marble obelisk built in 1884 to honor the United States' first President, George Washington, it has a shallow reflecting pool in front of the memorial which was deepened at some point so that Earthlicans could go swimming.
  • The Clinton Memorial: A second obelisk built next to the Washington memorial, to honor Bill Clinton. It stands noticeably taller than its Washingtonian counterpart.
  • The Lincoln Memorial: A marble temple built with an imposing statue of Abraham Lincoln with inscriptions of his famous speeches.

Government Buildings Edit

Embassy Row Edit

Many planets that keep diplomatic ties with Earth choose to build an embassy in Washington, D.C., many of which happen to be convieniently located on Embassy Row. During a Freedom Day fiasco, Zapp Brannigan marched troops down Embassy Row in order to break into the Decapodian embassy to arrest Zoidberg. The Decapodians saw this as an act of war and immediately launched an invasion of Earth in response.

Other Landmarks Edit

  • The Watergate Hotel: they give you a discount if you stay there more than once!

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