"Damn thee Ignes!" Waltazar moments after Ignus accidentally runs him through with a lance.

Waltazar is a Dungeons and Dragons parody of Mom's son Walt. The only real differences between the two save their name is Waltazar has horns growing from his forehead and wears a purple robe. He shares the same personality as his real world variant, abusing his brothers and sucking up to Mum. It appears Waltazar can heal himself in a short period of time and he is stabbed by Ignes in his first scene while on horseback, but the wound is gone when the trio are teleported away by the die of power. He is present when Momon reveals the truth about Ignus being the son of Greyfarn and accompanies Larius to Wipecastle to attack the heroes.

He is at first confused why the enemy army (that actually are all dead from a suicide mission given to them by their deranged king Roberto) do not respond to their war horn and commands Larius to blow it again. Upon not getting a reaction the second time he and Larius decide to attack Wipecastle anyway. It is unconfirmed but likely that he, along with his army and Larius was killed by the barrage of arrows sent by the centaur army or else fall into the collapsing ground when Momon retrieved the die of power.

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