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Viva Las Vegas Edit

The title of this episode is a word play on the movie famously starring by Elvis Presley.


  • The "Made By Hand (and Tentacle)" intro of this episode is done in a real time manner where models are used, where normally it is animated.
  • The armored truck company is called Binks (a parody of the Brinks company), and the drivers/guards are, appropriately, modeled on the Star Wars character Jar Jar Binks. The truck itself is shown in a mockup of Brink's own security car scheme, and the front of the truck uses hints reminiscent of the International Durastar, the frame a typical North American Brinks security van is built on.
  • The tune Rich Lobster, which is played when Zoidberg appears at the casino, parodies the song Big Spender (made famous by Shirley Bassey), from the Broadway musical Sweet Charity.
  • The part where the Professor says "dude, where's my spaceship" refers to the comedy film Dude, Where's My Car?
  • Fry realizing he has a tattoo on his face is a reference to the comedy film The Hangover.
  • The Wong's other hotel and casino, Wong's Island closely resembles Treasure Island in Las Vegas.
  • The complex heist scheme is reminiscent of 1960s' Ocean's 11 and its contemporary remake/sequels.
  • Opening Theme Cartoon: "Colorama(First Segment), Reincarnation" in Stop motion
  • The Robot Mafia are shown with Magnums, the famous pistol from Halo
  • The golden ball that is spun when Zoidberg is gambling is actually a Snitch from the Harry Potter novels.

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