New Header Colour

I have now changed the header on my userpage to sapphire blue. Hope you like it better than the old one.

Poll on Blog Page

I have now added a poll on my blog page as i now want to know how many people read through it. Please tick the box if you read this. Just click BLOG on my header bar.

Page Merges

I have noticed that there is a discussion about merging the Captain Yesterday, Clobberella and Super King pages into The New Justice Team pages. I am giving the go ahead and you may feel free to merge them. Just make the old pages into redirects like this: #REDIRECT [[The New Justice Team#Super King]] That works.

OK then. We have decided to keep the pages and just add extra onto the New Justice League page. I am ine with that. We are a community, not just me.

Help Needed

I am finding it really hard to cope on my own which is why I have asked Joeyaa to either come back or grant me beuracrat status so I can promote someone else to admin quickly. I am the only active admin now so I need help. Which is why I will try to get Ellipses485 admin status. You have been a great contributor and you will get rewarded. This may not happen if Joey comes back though.


I have now nominated Ellipses485 for adminship. Please help promote him by giving him positive feedback here. I wish him good luck and hope he gets promoted.

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