Well, not a lot has happened since yesterday. I will just post up a list of New Articles created today and yesterday.

New Articles

I will update if anything else comes up.

Blog on the Main Page

I have added a link to the blog on the main page so if you want a shortcut to get there, that is the way. It is near the top of the page.

Infoboxes Added

We have finished adding Infoboxes to the Inventions and Locations pages so check them out to see for yourselves.

Possible Page Move

We are at the moment having a talk about the renaming of the page The Sun. The script name is The Sun but is mentioned as Sol in the episode. Similar cases to this are the Steven Castle/That Guy thing where we went with the Script name. Please leave a comment on whether you want it to be the script name The Sun or name what was in the episode, Sol.

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