Actors List

I have also got an almost complete list of actors and characters voiced by them on a WORD Document. If you would like this, please add your email address via the Preferences page and then leave me a comment asking for it. Some characters may be different names and may be of the script, not in show or vice versa making it harder to find them.

Weekly Poll

As it has been a week, I have changed the Weekly Poll. The last question was: What is your favourite invention created by Farnsworth? Third place was Pointy Rock Tied to a Stick. Second was Paralell Universe box and First the Fing-Longer.


I have told some members about this before but if you want to talk, just go to this link: [1], type in your username into the Nickname box and Solardragon into the channel box so we can talk over IRC. we can talk about anything you want, doesn't need to be about the wiki but it is faster that talk pages.

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