Well, I am back from the Isle of Wight but will be going to Shropshire for a week later today.

New Admin

I would just like to congratulate Dhalia for becoming an admin and, what Joey said in summary/reason was: "user is amazing". congratulations on your promotion and i have added you to list of admins on the sidebar and page.

Sky1 Releases Bender's Game

Sky1 will release Bender's Game in a four part mini series. These have been classed as new episodes by Sky and will start on August 30th 2009. I don't know if these will be available for overseas viewers though as it is only on Sky so if you live in the UK and can't be bothered to get the DVD, here is your chance to see it.

Licensing Purge

We are now having a purge on licensing of images. All images without licenses will be deleted. The same goes for stolen images. So, if you upload images, please get the license as well.

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