Well, my first proper blog post apart from the announcement. I have now created an infobox for invention pages. This comes with the feature in which you can leave a parameter empty to remove it from the article.

I have also added the Location Infobox to many pages which is my main job at the moment.

User of the Month

Today, being 1st July, I have chosen a user of the month. There being three strong candidates, ScarletScarabX, Ellipses485 and Dhalia, I had to choose one, not three. This was hard but I have decided on Ellipses485 as you have made good, strong contributions all month.

Sorry to the other two members who have lost out. You have done well to keep this wiki going.

Updated Main Page

I have also updated the main page in this series of updates to the wiki to include a new featured article and Featured media, changed for the first time since I joined the wiki.

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