Emerald City Comicon is a convention held in Seattle, Washington at the end of March each year. Though its main focus is on comics, it also covers animated movies and TV series, sci-fi shows, games and a variety of artists.

The event runs from March 28 to 30, 2014 at the Washington State Convention Center. There's quite a few well-known actors that will be there this year and quite a few of the cast of Futurama attended in 2012. Last year, Phil LaMarr and some of the guest stars from various episodes attended.

This year, Nancy Cartwright is the only Futurama alumni that will be attending. As noted on her page, she voiced the Bart Simpson doll in "A Big Piece of Garbage". The schedule of events has not been released yet, but she will be there all three days. When the schedule does become available, I'll update this blog with that info.

I should be able to make it for at least one of the days, but I think I might actually go on all three days.

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