aka Leona West

  • I live in under a rock.
  • I was born on May 25
  • My occupation is Socialist, Uni Student
  • I am male or female. In other words, binary lel.
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  • Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls

    Now, I am number 1 on the Leaderboard but I have still not gone through my goals yet :P

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  • Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls

    I am planning to adopt the wiki when I get the Devoted badge and over 1000 edits on this wiki! I will make new rules and I will make many cool MediaWiki features and if many users help the wiki out, I may promote them! I know many techniques an admin needs because I have been one on many wikis :P

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  • Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls

    Yo guys! Here is some answers for questions that you now don't need to ask:

    Q: Who are you?

    A: I am Jack :P My username says so XD

    Q: How old are you?

    A: 13 but in a couple of months 14

    Q: How long have you been watching Futurama for?

    A: Since 2008 I think

    Q: Wow! You watched an innapproriate show at the age of 9

    A: I didn't actually hear any swearing then ;)

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