Recently we were contacted by Buddy13 of the Infosphere, who wanted some of our images deleted (which was more than fair considering both were clearly and unsurprisingly stolen from the Infosphere and left uncredited by the individual who stole it). This was not a huge problem as we were not using the Infosphere logo (which we should probably never have had anyway), except for the issue of the AwaitingScreenie.jpg image, which was used on our "images" template. I have since replaced the image and reworked the template so that it works and looks better (something I had been meaning to do for awhile anyway), but this whole happening has made me realize just how bad we have been at citing where our images come from. There is the old "CN Image" template that we have been using, but it incorrectly states that Futurama's content is licenced by the Comedy Network (which is a television network in Canada for those of you who are unaware), which is unlikely to have any control over the series aside from the right to show it.

To address this, I have created the "FOX Image" template, which correctly cites 20th Century Fox to owning Futurama, and hope to make further changes to keep the Futurama Wiki over the table as far as licencing images in the coming week. Fortunately, or unfortunately, I will be going on my own brief holiday this week, and so probably won't start until Wednesday, but if anyone who reads this uploads any images in between now and then, please use the "FOX Image" template instead of the "CN" one, and write a brief discription of the image in the comment section provided when you upload it; which characters are represented, if they are doing anything meaningful, what episode or film the image was taken from, and, if possible, where/for what you plan on using the image. Eventually, I also hope to have a series of image categories that will allow finding certain images to be easier. That's all I've got, and I'm sorry to have done this in blog form.

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