Hi everyone! I'm a member of the Wikia's Community Support Team, and I'm excited to tell you we're working on a new game called Photo Pop, which will use content from Futurama Wiki.

What's Photo Pop?

Photo Pop is a photo trivia game we're developing as an iPhone and Android app (but we'll also have a web version available so you can see what it's like). It's simple and fun: players uncover a photo of a character from a movie or TV show piece by piece. As soon as they recognize the character, they click the correct name from a list of options. If they run out of time before they pick the right name, they lose that round.

We know that user-generated content is what makes Wikia special, so we're developing this game to pull names and photos directly from your wiki. To do this, we'll be adding some of your best character pages to a new category called "Photo Pop Characters". This category will automatically pull the main image and the character name into the game's content rotation.

How can you help?

Another member of the Wikia team (Kmanwing) will take care of the basics, so you don't need to do anything at all in order for your wiki to participate. However, if you're interested, you can also help us out by submitting more pages to the game. Here's the criteria for what we're looking for:

  • Pages that are titled with a character's name. The game assumes that page titles are possible character names, so make sure that all of your Photo Pop pages fit this requirement.
  • Images should be horizontal (ideally, a width:height ratio of 3:2) and at least 320px tall. They should also be good quality (not blurry) and focused on the named character. These will look best in the game.
  • All of the images on the page should be possible candidates. The game might select any image on the page, so pick pages where this is okay.

To submit a page, simply add Category:Photo Pop Characters to the page.

We expect that the game will be ready in about a month, so stay tuned, and we'll let you know when you can play it. Please let me know if you have any questions (you can reach me on my talk page), and thanks for creating such a great wiki!

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