2009 Futurama Re-watcharama

I, Roommate is the third episode of Season One of Futurama. The plot focuses on Fry and Bender's search for an apartment after deciding to become roommates and the various difficulties they have in finding a place that is acceptable to both of them. According to the commentary, Fox Network was afraid the show took place in space too often, so this was there episode to appease them. Ironically, on the commentary, it is said that FOX rated it the worst episode.

  • This episode really establishes the strong bond of friendship between Bender and Fry. Strong enough to lose an antenna over!
  • It also continues to stress the romantic coupling of Fry and Leela, or maybe just Leela's tenancy to protect her friends.
  • This episode marks the first time Bender talks about killing all humans. I highly suggest using his his great pick-up line: "Hey, sexy mama...wanna kill all the humans?"
  • First introduction of Hattie McDoogal and her "kerjigger" talk.
  • First introduction of the vermin Owls.
  • First introduction of All My Circuits; I always thought it was so funny there was a robot soap opea.
"Yeah! It's gonna be fun on the bun! Y'know Fry, of all the friends I've had, you're the first."
Random Thoughts
  • The writers lost a terrific opportunity to have Fry sing Walking on Sunshine in the shower. I guess they just hadn't established that yet.
  • Bender's room number is 00100100. This translates to the number 36 or "$". The rooms next to Bender's do not follow a standard binary pattern, however. Yet another example of the itelligent writing staff giving the Futurama audience the benefit of the doubt; they don't dumb their jokes down for the lowest common denominator - refreshing!
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