2009 Futurama Re-watcharama

Goofy gophers

The Series Has Landed is the second episode of Season One of Futurama. It originally aired in North America on April 4, 1999. The episode laid a lot of groundwork for the series, including the deepening of Fry and Leela's relationship. I think this is the first episode where Leela really sees Fry as a person and that she will always be there to save her crew. We're also introduced to the rest of the cast and learn that Bender has a small problem with magnets.


In a deleted scene we discover The Crushinator is pregnant, something that causes confusion and disputes any time Bender's firstborn son is discussed. Another bit of controversy is the moon landing itself. Between the footprints, Nixon's line, "I faked the moon landing on Venus!", and the "Historical Stickler's Society" sticker on the lunar module, it can be hard to sort it all out.

Lost History

I enjoy that the writers have used the excuse that "history has been lost" to make even more gags and puns. I always get confused when I think too hard about Bender's Big Score, but doesn't that mean Bender is responsible for the loss of Earth's history?

Random Thoughs

  • I can't get the whalers on the moon song out of my head.
  • Space alligators are hysterical.

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