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My (Delayed) Purpose Here

since there isn't a description box, i'll say my piece here, i made an account on this site to suggest the inclusion of a "Cast" section on episode pages, i understand that each character has it's own page with info, but i think there should be a cast section (more oriented towards voice actors and/or writers) which would copy the episode's end credits or the imdb page, or at least give a list of featured characters and their page links. Now that i have read up a bit i realise that this is mostly a user based wiki, i understand that this task is up to myself, but i'm also incredibly lazy, i'm leaving this here because there isn't a description section (and i want to see a cast section enacted on all episode pages), i'm going to fill in fear of a bot planet, but that will probably be the last time i visit the site for ages, i'm not even putting up an avater (my dropbox is slow and i'm not going to wait). ALSO, there should be a DESCRIPTION section on USER PROFILES.


i don't know how to write wiki style pages

i can't insert links

i don't care too much anymore

i wont fill in cast for fear of a bot planet



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