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I edited this to make it an icon.

Welcome To My Page Fellow User


Hee Hee Hee Hee Quit Vandalizing The Site Morons!!!

I Must Say Contact Me on My Talk Page or my Wikia E-mail I Showed My Favorite Characters in My Favorite Pages List. This is my signature look for it across talk pages. ~(Talk)19:53, May 16, 2010 (UTC)

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About MEEdit

Hello Fellow Editor i am an avid futurama fan and watched when it was on FOX. Also i have made many contributions my latest being synopsis to Space Pilot 3000 so check it out. I added many as the last two did you know facts. i also added in it that leela played major leauge blernsball. Also i am almost a clone of yancy in body but Philip J. Fry in mind. Bender is my favorite robot. Zoidberg is my favorite alien. Cubert is my favorite clone. I have a website all about this show look and suscribbe at [ Futurama Fan Heaven] You Can Now As Of Today Follow My Site on Twitter [ Futurama Heaven]

Favorite PagesEdit

  1. 1= The New Justice Team
  2. 2= Philip J. Fry
  3. 3= Lars Fillmore
  4. 4= Yancy Fry
  5. 5= Bender
  6. 6= Farnsworth
  7. 7= Hermes
  8. 8= Philip J. Fry II
  9. 9= Seymour Asses
  10. 10= Nibbler

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