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October 26, 2011
  • I live in Montreal, Qc
  • I was born on April 27
  • My occupation is Students
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About meEdit

Hello. My name is Marc-André. It is kinda weird, but it's a French name so just call me Marc like my friends do. I used to watch the episodes in French when I was young, but now I it them in English. It is way better. You don't wanna hear Bender or Leela in the French version. Trust me...By the way, sometimes I do some writing mistakes because english is not my monther tongue language. Please don't be angry. You are free to correct them.

Anyway...What I like from Futurama is basically the humor (especially Bender), voice acting (Professor Farnsworth, Hermes...) and its themes such as the science-fiction, parodies, Fry, Bender duo, Fry, Leela relationship and all of the touching moment such as when Leela discovers her parents, when Fry learns that his dad loves him, etc.

My favorite characters are the main characters except Amy. I never tought she had a place in the serie. I also like Scruffy (I really hope that there will be an episode about him in the season 7), Clamps, Lrrr, and much more. I hate Zapp Brannigan because he's an asshole you know?

My contributionsEdit

I try to develop the article List of songs to its best. I want it to be as great as The Simpsons Wiki one. A little help is always appreciated.

Favorites episodesEdit

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