Universe 1 Amy Wong
Amy Wong Universe 1
Gender Female
Species Human
Age 28
Planet Earth (Universe 1)
Profession Intern
Relatives Father: Universe 1 Leo Wong
Mother: Universe 1 Inez Wong
Husband: Universe 1 Kif Kroker
Adoptive Children: Universe 1 Kif Kroker's offspring
Parents-in-law: Universe 1 Mr. and Mrs. Kroker
Status Alive
First appearance "The Farnsworth Parabox"
Voiced by Lauren Tom

Universe 1 Amy Wong-Kroker (born May 4, 2978) is a minor character in Futurama. She is the Universe 1 version of Amy Wong. She wears yellow while Universe A's Amy prefers pink.

Like Universe A Amy, Universe 1 Amy is the wife of Universe 1 Kif Kroker and the adoptive mother of Universe 1 Kif Kroker's offspring (Universe 1 Leela Fry's biological children).

She is the daughter of Universe 1 Leo and Inez Wong and the daughter-in-law of Universe 1 Mr. and Mrs. Kroker (Universe 1 Kif's parents).