Gender Male
Species Robot
Planet Earth
Profession Peace officer (Police)
Relatives Son: Not named (with Bev)

"Bert" is not URLs daughter, because the daughter is humanoid

First appearance "Space Pilot 3000"
Voiced by John DiMaggio


URL is a robotic police officer for the New New York Police Department. Together with his former partner and friend Smitty, URL is often seen assaulting suspects at the slightest provocation, though for a peace officer, being out of control is part of the job. The pair are sometimes featured on the television show "Cop Department", but they are generally camera crew free. He also was partner to Officer Philip J. Fry I for a short amount of time in the episode Law and Oracle. He also has a relationship with the Police Chief O'Manahan.

Armament Edit

Besides the usual police equipment of handcuffs and an Energy Baton, URL sometimes carries heavier firepower in the form of a laser rifle. URL also has a loudhailer that can be extended from his mouth and a flashing light that is attached to his head.

Behind the Scenes Edit

His name is an acronym for the term Uniform Resource Locator.

His style of speech is reminiscent of those in 1970s blaxploitation films, with phrases like "aww yeah" and "all right".

Appearances Edit

Episodes Edit

Films Edit

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