The Titanic's christening

The Titanic was the largest space cruiser ever built. It was a luxury ship that had a range of lower class to first class accommodation. It was supposed to keep a steady course but, as usual, Zapp Brannigan caused its destruction during its maiden voyage on which he was captain. He changed its course, first causing it to fly through a comet field, then an area with a black hole because he has a "sense of adventure". The black hole completely destroyed the ship, which was slightly similar to the sinking of the real twentieth century ship R.M.S TITANIC, with it breaking in half. However, there were enough escape pods to evacuate everybody on board but one, the robot Countess de la Roca because she was too heavy.

Ship DecksEdit

The decks of the Titanic resemble those of the real ship which sank in 1912, except the fiesta deck. Rooms, such as the grand staircase, are modelled on the original ship.

First ClassEdit

Farnsworth stateroom

The Professor showing the Planet Express Crew his room.

Professor Farnsworth's State Room included the main entrance, a suite for Hermes and his wife Labarbara, and a marble tank for Dr. Zoidberg on the other side. The rest of the crew, Amy, Bender, Fry and Leela were going to stay on the Fiesta Deck.

Second ClassEdit

Second class

Second Class Families through the elevator window.

Composed mostly of families with out of control children, it is below the First Class.



"Steerage" through the elevator window.

With dancers on tables, and musicians playing fiddles, this resembles the lower class depicted in the James Cameron Film, Titanic.


Bowels of ship

Men shoveling into the ship burners.

The Fiesta Deck even lower still, the elevator window shows laundry being spinned through a washing machine.

Bowels of ShipEdit

Men shovel coal into the ship's burners, characterisitc of the R.M.S. Titanic, although it is a space ship it does not run on Dark Matter.

Fiesta DeckEdit

The lowest part of the ship, with old cots, dirty floors, and a leaking ceiling, this is where the Planet Express Crew stayed while on their cruise. Seeing the positive, Fry sees a roll down shade, "Well at least we have a window!" Upon lifting the shade, it is the Reactor Exhaust blowing out of the "window", giving Fry a face full of exhaust.

Appearances Edit

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