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Time code

The time code as seen on Philip J. Fry I's butt.

The time code is a sequence of binary numbers which initiates a paradox-correcting timesphere. It is also a Level 87 code. This timesphere allows for one-way travel backwards through time, while simultaneously correcting any paradoxes that might ensue (usually with fatal results). The time code appeared in the Futurama movie Bender's Big Score.

The time code itself was located on Philip J. Fry I's butt. The time code itself is as follows:


When entered into a binary translator, the result is nonsensical, reading 1'¡·.

P.S. it's not nonsensical. One eye.

If you format it properly (0011 0001 ect) it's a phone number.


  • The time code is a count from 1 (001) to 6 (110) in binary, mirrored vertically.
  • The time code also hides the initials of Matt Groening in it. If you join the zeros in the code, you'll get "M G". It is unknown if this is intentional or not.

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