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The Universe 1 Planet Express Crew is the crew from Universe 1. They are almost exactly identical, apart from coloring, to the normal Planet Express crew of Universe A. Coin tosses determine their minds as they have opposite results here.

Differences Edit

  • Bender is gold.
  • Leela and Fry are married.
  • The Planet Express Building is indigo.
  • Zoidberg is bluish-purple.
  • Leela has red hair and scarlet pants.
  • Fry has black hair, a green jacket, and brown pants.
  • Amy has brown hair and a yellow outfit.
  • Hermes has yellow hair and grey with a purple tint clothes.
  • Farnsworth has a stitch on his forehead, no brain, and a greenish hue in his coloring.
  • The sky has a vast array of swirling colors.
  • Coin tosses have opposite outcomes than in Universe A.

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