• The US People Magazine office and look are based on TMZ, a show about "celebrity dirt."
  • Larvae Levin is a parody of Harvey Levin, the owner of TMZ.
  • When Bender shows the picture of himself inside the dinosaur's stomach, Dr. Zoidberg tells him "We've all been inside a sea monster." This could be a reference to the episode "The Deep South" as he and Fry were inside the colossal mouth bass' mouth.
  • Cobb's servant LeRoy says "By your command" when excusing himself from his employer's presence, a reference to the Cylons in "Battlestar Galactica."
  • The "situation room" resembles the one from the closing scenes of each episode of TMZ, including the chalkboard of stories that are being "investigated."  Written on the Futurama version:
    • Written in Alienese is the sentence  EARTH INVASIONS GONE WILD. This is a reference to "Girls Gone Wild".

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