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Hermes: I will now perform the annual preforming review. With a twist!

Fry: Oh No! the fireing tie.

Hermes: Good luck everybody except Zoidberg.

[Amy and Leela are showering naked]

Leela: Fry could you come in here and rub on this new scented body oil?

Fry: In a second I'm eavesdropping.

Amy: Please Fry! Leela punishes me when I don't use enough.

Fry: I said not now!

[Beats begin]

Leela: Zoidberg this makes no sense. Why are you helping him?

Bender: And what that kaching beat?

Zoidberg: I'll tell you, 2, 3, 4. [singing] I was lonesome for my friend a minute ago. When a happy thought despelled my wall. And I fell pehaps he'd be a bit last doll. Little Hermes: If I sliced up his Cyborgs scull. Both: He wants a brain Zoidberg: he wants a robot brain Both: Another brain Zoidberg: Let see if he fells pain Both: A brand new brain Zoidberg: It might drive him insane Both: He wants a brain. Zoidberg: He wants a robot brain Both: wa uuuuuuuuuu wa wa uuuuuuuuu wa wa uuuuuuuuuu wa wa uuuuuuuu..

Amy: Does enybody else find it freaky that Zoidberg is singing harmony with himself?

Fry: Oh lossen up Amy!

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