Goofs Edit

  • On the Moon, In the protective bubble that Humans live in that was western themed, there was wind pushing a Tumbleweed. This would not be possible, as there is no wind on the Moon. However, the humans who lived there could have created artificial wind to combat homesickness.
  • In "The Series Has Landed", the 1969 moon landings have been forgotten but in this episode the community on the moon is named Aldrin's Gulch after the second man to walk on the moon. It is possible that the moon landings had been transformed into somekind of folklore of the ages, and that the Gulch was named after a presumbly fictional person.
  • After Clamps has his clamps cut off nearing the nearing the end of the episode, it is shown with them reattached before he ends up getting back into the hover-car.

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