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The Route of All Evil
H G Blob
Episode 44
Production Code 3ACV12
Season 5
Air date December 8, 2002
Directed By Brian Sheesley
Written By Dan Vebber
Opening subtitle Disclaimer: Any resemblance to actual robots would be really cool
Opening cartoon Heep Hep Injuns
Preceded by "Insane in the Mainframe"
Followed by "Bendin' in the Wind"

Plot Edit

Act I: "My manwich!" Edit

While searching for the right beer to drink, Fry, Leela and Bender decide to moonshine within Bender. Back at Planet Express, Cubert Farnsworth and Dwight Conrad were suspended from boarding school for salting Brett Blob for shoving their lunches into a miniature black hole they made. They amuse themselves by using Hermes' power stamper, forcing him to stamp "VOID" on everything it stamped and then use the Professor's voice changer to send the crew off on a bogus pizza delivery to Dogdoo 8 at the edge of the universe. But the universe ends at Dogdoo 7 which they realize a week later. Leela breaks their video game and their fathers order them to get jobs. Dwight and Cubert formed a newspaper delivery service called Awesome Express. Their fathers jest at their efforts and beat up their sign.

Act II: "The edge of the universe is at Dogdoo 7!" Edit

Awesome Express Logo
The Awesome Express logo
Solar DragonAdded by Solar Dragon

The duo order an easy-to-construct ship that moves via pedaling. They soon make so much money off their deliveries that they make more money than Planet Express. But their fathers refuse to say anything. Depressed, they decide to get back at them through plan Dwight Lightning; they offer the crew a better deal of pay and soon find that the Professor declared himself dead three years ago as a tax dodge when he took a nap in the park. In technicality, Cubert inherits the company and renames it Awesome Express; they also fire Hermes and the Professor.

Act III: "Can we leave this mess behind us?" Edit

Bender soon give "birth" to his beer, named BenderBrau. At that moment, calls start coming in that people haven't gotten their paper delivered in a long time as Dwight and Cubert dumped all of them in a crater on the moon. Panicking, they go to their fathers, who were staying at Hermes', disappointed as they wanted a few more years of being better than their sons. They see another chance but help their sons deliver all the papers with the Planet Express ship. The last house was Bret's, as they broke his window during their business. The fathers had them go to apologize but Brett's father refuses their apology and the fathers get into a fight in which the humans are severely injured. Later, in a hospital, Brett's father comes to apologize. They drink BenderBrau together.

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