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Quotes Edit

  • Fry: "Look, Leela, even if you heard one talk, that doesn't mean it's intelligent. I mean, parrots talk and we eat them, right?"
    Bender: "Yeah, it could just be a parlor trick like Fry."
    Fry: "Like Fry, Like Fry."

  • TV: "And finally, the founder of Popplers, Captain Turanga Leela."
    Fry: "Turanga?!"
    Amy: "That's her name, Philip."
    Bender: "Philip?!"

  • Lrrr: "Is he your friend too?"
    Jrrr: "No."

(Lrrr eats Waterfall Jr. He pokes his head out of Lrrr's mouth.)

  • Waterfall Jr.: "This is not happening."

(Lrrr swallows him and everyone cheers and applauds. Lrrr clutches his stomach.)

  • Lrrr: "I think there was something funny in that hippie."
  • Leela: "Thank you, Jrrr. I hope you'll always think of me as your mom."
    Jrrr: "When my species grows up, we eat our moms!"
    Leela: "Whoop!"

(She tosses Jrrr to Ndnd.)

  • Lrrr: "People of Earth - oh, that hippie's starting to kick in - we've all learned a valuable lesson today, I realize now that - dude! My hands are huge! They can touch anything but themselves. Oh, wait."

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