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The Owner Of Mars Attacks!
Release March 28, 2001
Issue no. 3
Caption NEW VERSION 3.0!
Pages 32
Preceded By ...But Deliver Us To Evil!
Followed By DOOP The Right Thing!

The Owner Of Mars Attacks! is the third issue of the Futurama sеries of comic books.


The gang head to a flea market where Leela discovers some collectible creatures called 'Needy Newbies' that she finds really cute. Inez Wong apparently also collects them, and she treats Leela to one, as well as inviting her to a weekly collectors meeting at her place. She and Zoidberg both go, but when a selfish Inez doesn't let her or anybody else talk about their collections because she only brags about hers, Leela swears that she will stop Inez from getting the whole collection. The race to get the last two Newbies begins.[1]



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