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"Bubblegum" Tate: Bender, I've been to wang dang doodles all up and down the galaxy, but this is the dangdest wang i ever doodled.

Fry: Poor Leela! I feel like I've ruined Leela's life.

Hermes: You did ruin her life!

Fry: You might be right Hermes.

Hermes: I am right!

Fry: I almost feel like we should do something to help her.

Hermes: We should do something!

Fry: I don't care what you say Hermes. Let's go!

Fry: Hello Mighty Major, we're here about Turanga Leela.

Major: You mean Leela?

Fry: right!

Amy: Jewellery? It's jewellery. IT'S JEWELLERY PEOPLE!

Dr. Zoidberg: Hurray, a happy ending for the rich people.

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