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Quotes Edit

  • Horse race announcer: (commenting on the race and results)

Anouncer: It's a dead heat! They're checking the electron microscope. And the winner is... Number three in a quantum finnish!

Professor Farnsworth: No fair! You changed the outcome by measuring it!

  • Hermes (buying drinks): I'll have a horse Coke.
Vendor: Horse Pepsi okay?
Hermes: Nay.

  • Bender: (Making horses go to sleep with drugs.)
Driver: "Hey, what are you doing?!"
Bender:"This." (Shoots him with some drugs and he falls asleep.)

  • Bender: (happy)
Leela: "Well, someone's in a good mode."
Bender: "Let's just say I lucked out at the track. Also, I rigged one race."

  • Fry: "He stole my name, he stole my clover and he stole my life!" (Punches a statue of Philip J. Fry) "And now he broke my hand!"
Bender: "His legend lives on!"

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