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Trivia Edit

  • On the Past-o-Rama entrance sign, it says, "It's the boom!" This is a reference to the saying "It's the bomb." As with most of Past-o-Rama, it's probably wrong due to the limited knowledge of the 20th century they seem to have.
  • Past-o-Rama is a spoof of Futurama itself, and it has a caption of its own, "Located on the former side of Brooklyn".
  • In the Past-o-Rama commercial, [1] says, "Dy-no-mite!", a catchphrase of James "JJ" Evans, Jr. (Jimmy Walker) from Good Times.
  • In Past-o-Rama, a movie title called "Star Wars 9: Yoda's Bar Mitzvah" is seen, a reference to the Star Wars series.
  • The show in the beginning, "Cop Department," is a parody of Cops.
  • Flexo's Goatee is a parody of Star Trek Episode "Mirror, Mirror" where Spock from a parallel universe has a beard.
  • The Miss Universe pageant contestant Miss Arrakis is a reference to Dune.
  • When Bob Barker's head asks the crew to guess how much the atom is worth, their responses are in reference to Bob Barker's Show "The Price is Right".
  • The 3 second bit of Fry squinting has become an Internet meme.
  • The strip club Electric Ladyland is named after the third Jimi Hendrix Experience album.


  • In this episode, Bender mistakes a telephone booth for a suicide booth while at Past-o-Rama. In "Space Pilot 3000", Fry mistakes a suicide booth for a telephone booth.
  • The Crushinator, from "The Series Has Landed" is seen in this episode.


  • The signs in Alienese say, "Laser Tentacle Surgery" and "Way to go, Dexter!".

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