• The title of the episode is a reference to the 1963 film, The Haunting, as well as the 1981 werewolf film, The Howling.
  • The idea of an ominous phrase which only makes sense when viewed in a mirror is a reference to The Shining where Danny writes "redrum", and when seen in the mirror spells "murder." The number which Bender sees, 1010011010, is the binary value for 666.
  • The painting with the moving eyes is of a robot named Commodore LXIV. Commodore 64 is a popular early home computer.
  • The will reading scene is a tribute to a 1971 (approx.) Volkswagon Beetle TV ad showing a long funeral procession of relatives.  All of whom the wealthy deceased gentleman deemed to be unworthy of receiving anything from his estate; with the exception of his nephew who examplified his thriftiness by buying a Beetle. To which the deceased declares in the closing voice over, "And finally to my whom I leave my entire estate of $10,000,000".
  • The scary theme in the castle is actually the default boot-up sound of Windows 98.
  • Fry's comment, "Hey Project Satan, over here! I'm a blind pedestrian! 20 points!" refers to a cult-film from the 1970's, Death Race 2000.
  • The Werecar that runs Bender down is modeled after Christine (a 1957 Plymouth Fury), from the Stephen King novel and 1983 film of the same name.
  • Bender's werecar form is styled after the car from the 1977 Movie "The Car ". Werecar bender and The Car.
  • The scene in which Bender is within the living room of the castle; seated with his knees positioned upright and teeth chattering is in reference to the 1942 animated short "Jasper and the Haunted House"

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