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Quotes Edit

Leela: So, your real name is Lord Nibbler? That's a coincidence.
Nibbler: That name is for your sake. In the time it would take to pronounce one letter of my true name, a trillion cosmoes would flare into existence and sink into eternal night.
[Leela laughs and pinches Nibbler's cheek.]
Leela: Oh, you're all so cute!
Ken: No, we're not. [He pulls his hood off.] We Nibblonians are an ancient and powerful race. Behold. [A hologram appears above his head and changes as he narrates.] When the universe was forged in the crucible of the Big Bang, our mighty race was already 17 years old.
Leela: Awwww!

[Leela stares at Queequeg, plays with her hair and sways in the manner of one torn between shyness and great interest]
Leela: Is there a Mrs. Queequeg?

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