The Cyber House Rules
Episode 41
Production Code 3ACV09
Season 3
Air date April 1, 2001
Directed By Susie Dietter
Written By Lewis Morton
Guests Tom Kenny
Opening subtitle Please rise for the Futurama theme song
Opening cartoon Box Car Blues
Preceded by That's Lobstertainment!
Followed by Where the Buggalo Roam
But you're better than normal, Leela; you're abnormal!


Plot Edit

A baby basket appears in front of Planet Express building. Leela assumes it to be a baby abandoned in the same manner as herself, but it is actually an audio invitation to her old orphanarium. Though she is nervous about going back to the place where she was mocked for having one eye, she decides to rub her success in her former "friends" faces. When she gets to the party, the others are far worse off, have low-aspiring jobs or 'selling whatever falls of of them' but still mock her, only to be shooed away by Adlai Atkins. Adlai is the only other successful orphan and Leela had a crush on him the past. Having become a phaser eye surgeon, Adlai offers to give Leela another eye to make her more normal. Leela accepts, despite Fry's objections.

Meanwhile, Bender adopts twelve orphans to get a $100 a week child government stipend. He abuses his position as their foster parent by telling them to sleep during the daytime and starving them. He soon finds out that the cost of keeping the children outweighs the stipend he has been getting and tries to sell them on the black market. URL and Smitty get tipped off and arrests Bender for "crimes too numerous to list".

Leela, after getting into a relationship with Adlai, wants to adopts Sally, a lonely girl who has an ear on her forehead. Adlai wants to have her extra ear removed, and, offended, Leela demands she have her old appearance back, much to Fry's delight.

Bender returns the orphans to the orphanarium, which is renamed the Bender B. Rodriguez Orphanarium in his honour.

Alienese Edit

  • The sign in Alienese reads, "Humane Human Traps".

Ongoing ThemesEdit

Death, near-death, mutilationEdit

Leela has a fake eye grafted onto her forehead, and later removed.

Fry and LeelaEdit

Fry tries to talk Leela out of having a fake eye grafted onto her forehead, insisting, "You look great the way you are." When Adlai asks Leela out, Fry is jealous. He points out that he liked Leela back when she had one eye, although so far it has been not at all clear whether Fry has any genuine feelings for her. Leela falls in love with Adlai and decides to settle down with him and adopt a child. Of course by the end of the episode the relationship is over. Leela hugs Fry and calls him "a true friend".

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