Gender Female
Species Robot
Planet Moon
Relatives Father: Farmer
Sister(s): Daisy-Mae 128K and Lulubelle 7
Son: Bender's first born son
First appearance The Series Has Landed
Voiced by Maurice LaMarche
"A woman this fine needs to be romanced first"
Bender to Fry about the Crushinator[source]

The Crushinator is a minor character on Futurama. She is a robot who lived on the moon with her hydroponic farmer father and robot sisters. She is also a vehicle and can be driven similar to a car.[1] Bender later returned to the moon and she became pregnant with Junior. A year later, she became "Miss Earth's Moon" and competed in the Miss Universe Pageant. [2] As of 3011 she was married to Billy West, a bending unit, and had an unnamed daughter.

Although she lives on Earth's moon, she has been seen in several occasions on Earth.

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  1. The Series Has Landed
  2. The Lesser of Two Evils

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