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Fry: Bender, you wanna go out and do something?

Bender: Oh, so now I'm your last resort booty call, huh? Okay, let's go.

Leela: Professor, there's nothing wrong with Nectar. It's all natural.

Professor Farnsworth: So are carrots, but you don't see me injecting them between my toes.

[The professor lights up a carrot and smokes it]

Amy: It's when women are polite to each other you know there's a problem.

Abner Doubledeal: Yay, they can move their arms. Congratulations to our gutsy, non-paralyzed challengers!

Abner Doubledeal: We're always looking for fresh blood, and you girls are full of it. You two could be the next big thing.

Amy: What happened to the last big thing?

Abner Doubledeal: Nothing that doesn't happen to everyone eventually. What is this an an inquisition - you in or not?

Leela: Well, we lost to all our opponents. Even that team that turned out to be us in the mirror.

Amy: I love your boots, Leela! Nobody would ever guess they're knockoffs!

Leela: How could you tell?

Amy: I guessed.

Fry: Rauw, they're at it again!

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