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That's Lobstertainment!

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That's Lobstertainment
Episode 37
Production Code 3ACV08
Season 3
Air date February 25, 2001
Directed By Bret Haaland
Written By Patric M. Verrone
Guests Hank Azaria as Harold Zoid
Opening subtitle Deciphered From Crop Circles
Opening cartoon Box Car Blues
Preceded by The Day the Earth Stood Stupid
Followed by The Birdbot of Ice-Catraz
 "That's Lobstertainment!", is the eighth episode of Season 3 (broadcast), and premiered on February 25, 2001.


Act I: "I'm writing it in my own ink!"

Zoidberg tries his luck at a comedy club but stinks out. The act in question appears to be a parody of a Yakov Smirnov "in Soviet Russia..." bit.  The next day, he tells the Planet Express crew that he's looking up his uncle, Harold Zoid, a star in silent holograms. He writes a letter to Zoid out of his own ink and Zoid invites him and the crew out to Hollywood. Meanwhile, Bender poses as Calculon's new hot water heater, Boiler.

Having lunch with his uncle, Zoidberg is told to drop comedy and instead help direct a film Zoid wrote. However, the investment includes a million dollars, which Zoidberg can't even afford.

Act II: "I'm programed to be very busy!"

With Bender's help, they managed to secure a million dollars from Calculon, due to the fact that he is a fan of Harold Zoid and that Bender guaranteed that he'd win an Oscar. They create a film, The Magnificent Three, involving Calculon as the Vice President, son of President Zoid. Calculon doesn't want to follow in his father's footsteps. Bender was the executive producer and Zoidberg was a military official. During the premiere, the film is terrible and as everyone had already left, Calculon swears they are dead. Meanwhile, Leela refuses to pay the valet for parking, accidentally landing her and Fry in the La Brea Tar Pits.

That's Lobstertainment

The Magnificent Three

Act III: "That's the Emmy of movie awards!"

Calculon is even more furious that he isn't nominated for an Oscar. He swears to murder them all unless they get him one, so Zoidberg and Bender decide to rig the awards. When they end up at Zoid's home, he unfortunately reveals that he's an even bigger liar than his nephew. He only wanted people to remember him one last time before he dies; Zoidberg refuses to let his uncle go down in shame.

After a few weeks, Fry and Leela are unable to free the ship. However, they then find the Los Angeles subway, which they use to escape.

As the Oscar awards are given out, Zoidberg takes the place of Billy Crystal's head to announce the Best Actor award. But instead of announcing Calculon, he calls on Zoid. As they celebrate, Calculon comes in to kill them. Zoid concedes his Oscar to Calculon; chastened by his hero's acceptance speech, he spares their lives and vows to earn his own Oscar one day. Suddenly, there is an earthquake, as the Planet Express ship emerges from underground. Fry and Leela then enter the awards ceremony.

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