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Quotes Edit

Calculon: I told you that I don't need a Bender.
Bender : Bender's the name of the other one, I'm Boiler.
Calculon: Nice work, Boiler!
Bender: Thanks, and call me Bender!

Calculon: Listen, I'm programed to be VERY busy!

Harold Zoid: This film has a juicy part for you! If you finance it with your doctor money!
Zoidberg: Okay, how much do I have to invest?
Harold Zoid: Oh not much, not much, a millon dollars. (Zoidberg spits out of his mouth, head, and both sides) Than it's settled! Another blockbuster Hollywood deal!
Waiter: What can I get you gentlemen?
Zoidberg: Is bread free?
Waiter: Yeah.
Zoidberg: We'll split an order!

(After the premiere)
Bender: Woo hoo! Yeah! He's a visionary! (applauds and Calculon rotates his head and sees that the audience has left)
Calculon: Everyone walked out. They hated it. I've seen plagues that have better opening acts than this. (to Bender) You said that Oscar was practically on my mantle.
Bender: Now you know why I used the qualifier "practically."
Calculon: You listen to me. I'm out a million bucks here. You get me that Oscar or you're dead! You and these sniveling lobsters. DEAD! YOU HEAR ME?!! DEAD!!! (Bender and Zoidberg hold each other shuddering)
Harold Zoid: Oy. Now he emotes.

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