Gender Female
Age 6
Planet Earth
Relatives unknown
First appearance "Stench and Stenchibility"
Voiced by Tara Strong

Tanya is a one time character in Futurama, who made her sole appearance in the episode, "Stench and Stenchibility".


Not much is known about her, as we never see her family, where she lives, or anything from her personal life, but we do know that she is 6 years old, and it is shown that she is a talented young tap dancer. She was Bender's rival in a rap dancing contest.


Despite her sweet appearance and how others perceive her, she is shown to be a very nasty little girl, as she attempts to sabotage Bender, by breaking his legs, so that he wont be able to pose a threat to her in the contest. Afterwards, we see that Bender has taken a liking to her nasty behavior, and the two of them begin to perform on the street, so that they can swipe money from other people.



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