Genetics and Time TravelEdit

Contrary to what the trivia section says, surely it is genetically possible for Fry to be his own grandfather, provided the 50% of the genetic information inherited from his father happens to be the exact same 50% that his father gets from him? Either that, or his mother has the same alleles as his father for some genes, so it doesn't matter which parent it came from. Of course, the probability of the former scenario is 1/(n/2)!, where n is the number of genes in the genome of the self-grandfathering time-traveller. Given the length of the human genome (and assuming Fry to be human, of course), this probability is vanishingly small, even with some leniency from the mother's alleles. Unless, of course, the probability is guaranteed to be 100% simply to preserve causality - which is by far the simplest way to resolve the issue! -- Sorceror Nobody, 10:34, 11 May 2009 (UTC)

Enos Fry Goof? Edit

Hmmm... Didn't Fry's father Yancy say that his father's name (Enos/Fry) was Yancy during The Luck of the Fryrish? - 09:38, February 27, 2011 (UTC)

Fry's originEdit

It is possible fry's mother had a secret affair during the time she was with Yancy(Fry's father) which could explain why Fry still existed when he killed his grandpa.

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