Possible additions:

- I, Roommate contains the first reference to New New York's owl infestation. Hermes Conrad states that he "for one, am getting tired of cleaning those owl traps." Throughout the series, owls take the place of rats.

- A possible early reference to the Ultimate Robot Fighting League - As Fry flips through the channels, two monster trucks are fighting in a wrestling ring, and the announcer exclaims "And Bigfoot is down!"

- First reference to Bender's iconic phrase "kill all humans."

- The character's display their general hatred of New Jersey when Fry, Bender, and Leelah respond to a classified ad titled "Suspiciously Fantastic Apartment." Unable to find any problems with it, Fry asks what the catch is. The landlord replies "Oh, no catch, but we are technically in New Jersey." Immediately, the scene changes, and a depressed Fry states that they couldn't find anywhere "even remotely livable."

- When Fry and Bender visit the late Professor Mobutu's apartment, Bender agrees that the apartment is "perfect" because the broom closet closely resembles his own apartment. However, it is unclear how Bender will open the door from the inside, as he reaches back out to the external door trigger to close himself in.

- Monique and Calculon's first dialogue in the episode reveals an apparent robot social stigma. Calculon proposes with a golden lugnut in place of an engagement ring, and when he torque-wrenches it onto Monique's finger, it fits. This surprises her, as she reveals that she is "metric." Calculon states that he's always known, but is "willing to convert" for her.

- Fry hits the television to clear out the static, and when it works, turns and gives two thumbs up and says "Heyyy" in the manner of Fonzie of "Happy Days"

- "Pardon me, I don't mean to pry into what you're doing in here with the crab and the one-eyed lady and the Chinese girl..."

- The episode concludes with Bender sighing "oh, humans," as he is unable to understand why a human would live in the closet. This, of course, is in contrast with Bender's decision earlier in the episode that the broom closet was a suitable living space.

Ride the Walrus 04:02, July 30, 2010 (UTC)

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