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Stench and Stenchibility

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Stench and Stenchibility
Episode 139
Season 10
Preceded by Murder on the Planet Express
Followed by Meanwhile

Stench and Stenchibility is the twelfth episode of Season 10 (broadcast).


It turns out Zoidberg has been dating an alien girl online for four years. He uses his life savings to buy flowers for her. When he finally meets her she dumps him because of his smell. Zoidberg tries to return the flowers but is interrupted by Roberto who somehow came back to life but his smell drives him away too. Impressed by him standing up to Roberto, Marianne, shows interest in Zoidberg but he tells her he stinks, she says she doesn't care that he stinks and they hit it off. Later after saying that her greatest desire is to have a sense of smell, Zoidberg decides to give her surgery giving her a nose. When Zoidberg gives her the surgery, when she wakes up she smells flowers but thinks they smell horrible. Zoidberg tries explaining it is him but she says he smells just as she dreamed and they keep dating. The episode ends when Marianne picks up the garbage bin and dumps in into the cab of the dump drunk and she and Zoidberg kiss once more. Meanwhile, Bender enters a tap-dancing competition against a devilish and endearing little girl. The little girl beats bender in the tap dancing competition by breaking his leg, but dies due to her heart condition while accepting the trophy. Bender can't wait to tap-dance on her grave, and accidentally restarts her pacemaker. The two tap dance outside the Planet Express building later, and mug Hattie together when she tries to put a coin in their donation hat.

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