Star Wars is a 20th Century movie saga. There have been many references to the franchise have been featured in various episode of Futurama, from explicit references, visual gags, and nods to famous lines and shots.

Season 1Edit

Space Pilot 3000Edit

  • The Policemen use lightsabers to apprehend Fry and Bender (but unlike SW lightsabers these cannot cut through things).

Love's Labours Lost in SpaceEdit

  • The hologram of Vergon 6's dark matter is similar to the targeting system on the Millenium Falcon.

My Three SunsEdit

  • The scenes with multiple suns are similar to the ones seen on Tatooine in Episode IV: A New Hope.

When Aliens AttackEdit

  • 120px-Fry meme 1ACV12

    Philip J. Fry I wearing a helmet similar to the Rebel pilots in Star Wars

    The battle scene is similar to many Star Wars space battles.
  • Fry's helmet resembles one worn by Rebel Pilots.
  • Numerous ships that fly spoof Cloud City ships, X-Wings and many other Star Wars-craft.

Season 2Edit

Brannigan, Begin AgainEdit

  • Fry and Bender play a game similar to the chess game played by Chewbacca and R2-D2 in Episode IV.

Raging BenderEdit

  • Galaxy Wars is clearly a spoof of Star Wars.

War is the H-WordEdit

  • Fry mimics Luke's training with Obi-Wan during the training session before the battle.

Season 3Edit

The 30% Iron ChefEdit

  • Bender's mentor said that Elzar "went to the dark side of cooking".
  • Bender uses a lightsaber-like device to peel a potato.

Season 4Edit

Crimes of the HotEdit

  • Farnsworth says "Oh the jedis are going to feel this one!" Jedi are prominent in Star Wars.
  • Earlier in the episode, Dr. Zoidberg says "It's a trap!" This may be a reference to Admiral Ackbar in Return of the Jedi because they are both sea creature aliens and they said "it's a trap".

The StingEdit

  • Hermes exclaims "Great giant sloth, of ice planet Hoth!". Hoth is a planet in the Star Wars universe.

Season 6Edit

A Clockwork OriginEdit

  • Cubert calls Zoidberg a dumpster Jedi.
  • R2-D2 is seen on Roboplanet

Season 8 Edit

Mobius Dick Edit

  • an alien worker uses a lightsaber like device to cut of a beast's tusk


Bender's Big ScoreEdit

  • Nixon mentions the force being with them.
  • The Hanukkah Zombie owns a TIE fighter (ironically he is also voiced by Mark Hamil, who plays Luke Skywalker in the classic trilogy, but Luke shot down TIEs).
  • The Solid Gold Death Stars are obviously spoofs of Death Stars.
  • The whole space battle is a spoof of the Battle of Yavin.
  • Al Gore going through the Achilles' vent and destroying the death star from the inside is a spoof of Lando Calrissian blowing up the Death Star II from the inside.
  • The bomb hitting the Scammers' ship is based off when a rebel ship crashed into the Executor.

The Beast with a Billion BacksEdit

  • The police again use lightsabers to apprehend Farnsworth and Wornstrom.
  • Several ships trying to destroy Yivo are based off of numerous Star Wars ships.

Bender's GameEdit

  • The scene with the ship attempting to infiltrate Mom's Dark Matter Mine is arguably similar to the Battle of Hoth, but in reverse.

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