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Trivia Edit

  • "My nose, light of my face," said by Fry, is a reference to Lolita.
  • Spanish Fly is a well known aphrodisiac, made from crushing a beetle of the same name. The title is an obvious allusion.
  • Spanish Fry Opening Title
    At the begining of the episode the alien writing says "Thanks for watching, Futurama slave army!"
  • When Fry, Leela, and Bender go to the Galactic Bazaar, it is shown that people are cooking a broken down car. The car they are cooking is from the 20th Century Festival that Fry crashs into Flexo in an earlier episode.
  • Name of the shop is "The Beast with Two Bucks". This is in reference to having sex being known as making "the beast with two backs". A similar reference to the horror movie The Beast with a Million Eyes, as stated on The Beast with a Billion Backs.
  • The alien spaceship's tube that abducts Fry is a reference to the popular screen saver included with windows.
  • Lrrr's line, "One of these days, Ndnd, bang! Zoom! Straight to the 3rd moon of Omicron Persei 8!" is a parody from 'The Honeymooners, where Ralph would say a similar line to his wife, Alice.
  • Farnsworth exclaims, "Fry, what in Sega Genesis happened to you?" Sega Genesis is the American name for the Sega Mega Drive.
  • As in many earlier episodes, the The Scary Door is shown.

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