The Sith-il War Edit

The Sith-il war was a war between the Earthicans and the Sith. In this war, the Sith attempted to invade Earth through Centeral Park in the year 2865. While the Earthicans held them off, they suffered heavy losses in numbers.

Earthicans Edit

While the Earthicans won the war, they suffered over 98 million deaths in the first part of the war. They wore blue uniforms and caps with a crossing sword crest on them. Persons of rank wore shoulder patches and those not worthy of those had stars to indicate other ranks. The Earthicans used large blaster muskets to defend themselves. They also doubled as melee weapons and had bayonets. They were encouraged to use them as bullets were expensive.

Sith Overlords Edit

The following sith overlords fought in the Sith-il war:

The sith used melee lightsabers to mow down Earthicans by the dozens. Their spaceships had physical shields like TIE fighters but had long narrow and pointed fronts. The Sith all had green eyes. It cost $12 dollars for a sith to kill an Earthican.

Notes Edit

  • This event was reenacted in 3010
  • In "Overclockwise," Bender reads a green book called "The Sithal War" probably about this.

References Edit

  • The whole event is obviously another nod to 'Star Wars'

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