Sherri Fry
Mrs. Fry
Gender Female
Species Human
Age 70
Planet Earth
Profession Possibly a housewife
Relatives Parents: Mr. and Mrs. Gleisner
Husband: Yancy Fry, Sr.
Father-in-law:Enos Fry
Mother-in-law: Mildred Fry
Sons: Yancy Fry, Jr. and Philip J. Fry
Daughter-in-laws: Unnamed wife of Yancy Jr. and Turanga Leela
Grandson: Philip J. Fry IIStep Granddaughters and Step Grandsons:Kif Kroker's offspring

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Status Deceased
First appearance The Luck of the Fryish
Voiced by Tress MacNeille
Sherri Fry (née Gleisner) (born May 2, 1950 - December 28, 2020), was the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Gleisner.

She is the wife of Yancy Fry, Sr. and the daughter-in-law of Enos Fry and Mildred Fry. She is the mother of Yancy Fry, Jr. and Philip J. Fry.

Sherri is the mother-in-law of Turanga Leela and Yancy Jr.'s wife.

She is the paternal grandmother of Philip J. Fry II and Elena Fry (Philip J. Fry I and Turanga Leela's daughter).

She is the step-grandmother of Kif Kroker's offspring (Amy Kroker's adoptive children).

She lived with her husband and sons in the rundown Fry family house in Brooklyn, (Old) NY.

Character DescriptionEdit


Sherri is a redhead and she even looks like Enos Fry, her father-in-law. but Sherri did pass her redhead hair down to her second son, Philip J. Fry I and her paternal granddaughter, Elena Fry.

She often wears casual clothes. Sherri Fry was born May 2, 1950.


Mother and son

"You're the most important thing in my life once this game is over."

Sherri's primary personality trait was an unhealthy obsession with spectator sports, causing her to be distant and emotionally neglectful to her children. She was often seen ignoring her sons in favor of watching a football game or playing indoor golf and acting unconcerned with their exploits or their whereabouts. While giving birth to Philp, she was more concerned with the outcome of a NY Mets baseball game she was listening to on the radio, only announcing it was the happiest day of her life after hearing the Mets had won (completely ignoring the newborn baby sitting on her lap). When Philip was frozen in 1999, she was too involved with rooting for the Green Bay Packers while watching an NFL football game to wonder where her son had gone. After his disappearance became evident, she quickly shared her husband's assessment that searching for him was a waste of taxpayers' money.

Despite this, Sherri was shown to have actually loved her son, as seen in "Luck of the Fryish", when she admits that she misses him very much. She also dreams of him in "Game of Tones", where they share a tearful farewell... once she's done watching the 2000 Rose Bowl (won by the University of Wisconsin Badgers, much to the cheese-hatted Sherri's delight). Also, in "D'uh Vinci Code", it's revealed that despite her apparent disinterest in her son, Sherri was actually fully aware of all of her son's "unique" qualities, and reminds him that regardless of how dumb or ugly he might be, he's good-hearted and that's what matters.

Biography Edit

She married Yancy Fry before 1972, which was when their first son is born, they named him Yancy as every Fry since the American Revolution.

In 1974, she gave birth to her second child, Philip. Due to a complicated time-travel paradox, Mrs. Fry is also Philip's daughter-in-law and her husband's paternal grandmother. She died on December 28, 2020, almost 2 years before Yancy Fry, Sr.

Sherri Fry becomes Turanga Leela's mother-in-law after her son and Leela's wedding (alongside with her husband, Yancy Fry, Sr.; her older son, Yancy Fry, Jr.; her daughter-in-law #1, Unnamed wife of Yancy Fry, Jr.; her paternal grandson, Philip J. Fry II; her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Gleisner; her parents-in-law, Enos and Mildred Fry).

On June 9, 3015 Sherri Fry also becomes Elena Fry's paternal grandmother after Turanga Leela gave birth and Elena had inherited Sherri and her son, Philip I's orange joe hair but Elena still inherited Leela and her parents' eye and small nose.  

Family TreeEdit

Mr. Gleisner┬Mrs. Gleisner Enos FryMildred Fry
            │                      │
     Sherri Fry───────────────────┬────────────────────Yancy Fry, Sr.
                            ┌─────────┴──────────────┐                      David Farnsworth
                            │                        │                             │
Turanga LeelaPhilip J. Fry Yancy Fry, Jr.┬Unnamed wife         │
                                          │      (Many generations)     
                                    Philip J. Fry IINjörd(?) │             │
          Elena Fry                                               (Many generations)     │
                                                                     │             │
                                                            Grandma Farnsworth (possibly)
                                                                     │             │             
                                                             Ned FarnsworthVelma Farnsworth                                                                    │ 
                                                                     │                  │ 
(?)Ogden Wernstrom────┬────Carol Miller────┬─────Hubert J. Farnsworth Floyd Farnsworth
                          │                        │                │               
                      ┌───┴───┐                Igner Cubert J. Farnsworth
                      │       │         
                 Walt Larry

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