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Seven leaf clover

Fry's seven leaf clover

The Seven Leaf Clover was a clover found by Fry in the 20th century while playing basketball with his brother, Yancy. Once found it gave him good luck in whatever he sought. In the episode Cold Warriors, Fry uses the clover to stay sick for his entire semester of school, in order to develop a science experiment for a competition for NASA. He hid it in the album for "the Breakfast Club" which was in his Ron-Co safe. After Fry's cryogenic freezing, his brother Yancy blew the safe open with a Play-Doh like product called 'Doh-Doh' in an effort to find good music to drive people out of his wedding reception. Upon retrieving the "Breakfast Club" record, he discovered the seven leaf clover. It was later given to his son, Philip J. Fry II, in memory of "Unky Phil".

Notes Edit

  • When Fry found it in Luck of the Fryish, every other clover in the patch was three-leafed.

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